Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

This year’s HESCO 2020 Zombie Invitational is a precision rifle, pistol and shotgun match with a twist. If you can’t deal with the Zombie thing, fine! It’s a theme. Get over yourself. It adds some interesting elements to the stage instructions. That’s it. Oh, and a lot of lime green spray paint. Besides, Lycan Invitational sounds lame, requires hand loading solid silver bullets, canine shaped targets, blah blah blah. Head shots people. Head shots for Zombies.

So, it was, is and always will be PC to discriminate against Zombies.

The event is individually timed but run as teams with 6 stages on Sat. and 5 stages on Sun. Because this event is run by former Military and Law Enforcement, you can be sure that the Zombies have a sporting chance if you aren’t fully prepared, concentrating and ready for anything. Because of the unprecictable nature of a Zombie outbreak, we run this in the Recon style of modified 3 Gun matches. You’ll need a SHTF Bag, Ammo, and firearms.

And, again, for those individuals who are too cool to participate in the “Zombie Phenomenon,” this is a unique and challenging event that will hone your precision action shooting skills in a very unique setting. AND A LOT OF LIME GREEN SPRAY PAINT.