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This Oct 12th & 13th event has a lot of new targets, stage designs and sponsors. Check out some of the footage from 2017 and then go to the contact page for more info.

2016 Zombie Invitational 3 Gun Match (ZI3G)

The 2016 Zombie Invitational was an enormous success. Thanks to all of the sponsors and participants for their dedication to safe, sporting use of firearms. We are happy to report not a single transmission of the Zomboxococcus Bacteria among the participants which is directly attributed to the more dedicated eradication protocol of, say, the Rakkasan’s than that of the CDC – namely to SHOOT’EM IN THE FACE!

Saturday, Oct. 15th, 2016 presented a georgeous day for Rifle, Pistol and edged weapon competition at high speed, variable distance and with challenging obstacles, barriers and scenarios.

Stage 1 – Zombies at Unknown Distance – Sponsored by Leupold, Warne, Hornady
Stage 2 – No Where to Run – Sponsored by Bollinger Gunsmithing
Stage 3 – Out of Gas – Sponsored by EOTech and Keltec